January 23, 2021

Russian Patients Practice Tai Chi to Assist in Their Recovery from Covid-19


A hospital in Russia uses tai chi to help Covid-19 patients with their recovery. Doctors at the temporary hospital in Moscow say practicing tai chi improves ventilation and drainage of the patients’ lungs during and after the illness. Watch a video of the patients and doctor practicing tai chi here.


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January 3, 2021

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Boosts Your Immune System


Want an enjoyable and relaxing way to boost your immune system? Practice your tai chi!

According to researchers who conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies which explored the effects of tai chi and qi gong on the immune system, the practice of tai chi and qi gong can have a positive impact on immune system functioning and inflammatory processes. 



December 14, 2020

Your Balance: Use It or Lose It

Did you know that your balance begins to decline around the age of 30?

Balance is a perishable skill that can be retained and improved with the practice of tai chi.

Here's how.


August 26, 2020

Tai Chi: The Perfect Balance of Fitness and Flow


It’s not news that chronic stress can be detrimental to pretty much every facet of your health. What's more,not getting enough physical exercise can exacerbate stress, stealing the brain's ability to process and handle stressful times. The good news? Movement really can be an effective, natural remedy. 

According to the Fitness & Exercise Expert at REAL SIMPLE Magazine, there are certain types of restorative exercises out there that, among other fabulous benefits (like building balance and quieting the mind), prioritize the breath and increase your oxygen intake. This in turn helps quiet the stress-induced nervous system. It’s time to stop living on adrenaline and stress and start focusing on breathing and moving. Incorporate these three healthy, recuperative types of exercises into your routine to quiet your mind, strengthen your body, and start feeling a little less stressed. (Spoiler alert--tai chi is one of them!)


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August 4, 2020

Is Your Energy Making You Sick or Well?


You've probably noticed that many hospitals and healthcare systems now offer classes on different meditation and energy practices (such as Gi Gong). Why? The medical community has finally acknowledged the mind/body connection that ancient healers have known for thousands of years.

This connection is not a vague connection where your mind and energy (qi) have little to do with whether you're physically healthy or not. It's a direct connection that has a HUGE impact. Find out why scientists now believe that your energy impacts your health.


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